The Inventor

This technology is simple, inexpensive, and capable of surviving high waves.  The water portion is as survivable as thousands of buoys already deployed worldwide, whereas the generation of electricity can be done onshore, safe from waves and using conventional methods.  Using an underwater teeter-totter, a barrel and a 1/8 steel cable, I caused a 170 […]

With a well-anchored underwater “teeter-totter”, a 50 gallon barrel, and a 1/8th inch steel cable coming to shore, I caused 170 pounds to bob up and down on the beach with each incoming wave.  The hydro-kinetic energy transfer is easy to see.  The power of ocean waves thus can be brought to shore with cheap, survivable technology.  This design brings the same energy ashore as any “point absorber” system does, but it does so at a fraction of the relative cost of those generating electricity  offshore, for which millions of dollars are now being invested.  It is as survivable as any of hundreds of thousands (millions?) of buoys already deployed worldwide.  Total materials cost for this demonstration was under $2,000.  Scaling up would be feasible with adequate funding. 

Angel investors are more than welcome.

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 It is not rocket science.   

The videos shown at this site, and more, are also available by searching youtube for user jefferdogY.