WAVEENERGYCO Ocean Wave Energy The Land Unit Generator

The Land Unit Generator

The picture below shows the land based generating device which was installed in a small shed on the shore of the island.   A video available on the right shows some movement.  Click on the picture to zoom in. 

One of the bicycle wheels turns when the weight is rising; the other turns when it descends, corresponding to the movement of the ocean waves.  There is a small alternator which continually turns to generate power to charge the battery.  We managed to get a small amount of movement shown on one video, but the project was abandoned in May 2009 when I had to leave Guinea (son lost medical clearance). 

In addition, I almost drowned one day while swimming back to shore after attempting to retie some of the straps to parts underwater.  I decided I was too old to do this sort of thing on my own.

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