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March 1 Prototype VideoMarch 1 Prototype Video

The audio on this video explains it.  Again, focus on the how calm the sea was.  The purpose here was to better illustrate the concept.  Imagine moving such a weight (approximately 170 pounds) with a windmill, or with, say, solar power.  Waves are far more constant and reliable sources of power.   Compare this design with the many others attracting serious venture capital now; it brings exactly the same kind of power ashore where it can be exploited with conventional technology.

Video of Land Based GeneratorVideo of Land Based Generator

The weight is not visible in this video because it is suspended on the outside of the shed (see picture below — click to enlarge).  It was only connected for about 30 minutes and the surf was so high that day that I lost one connection to the barrel.  Hence, the movement of the weight was disappointingly small.  This was on May 4, 2009 and was the last day of the project before I had to leave Guinea.